1) I'm not new to town- will I still benefit from membership?  Totally! We encourage newcomers, natives, and all neighbors to join us!  Many of our members were born and raised in town, but were looking for a way to meet people in a similar life stage as them (e.g., young families, empty nesters).  Additionally, the newcomers benefit from the recommendations, advice, and knowledge of veterans!  

2) Is membership limited to people who live in Scituate or Cohasset? Nope! We've had members from Norwell, Hingham, Hull, and Marshfield in the past, and are open to members from any South Shore community; however, bear in mind that our focus is on our two small towns and we therefore strive to highlight businesses and activities that are SciCoh-focused.

3) How accommodating are your events to busy schedules? Our events run on weekdays, weekends, mornings, and evenings.  There is no minimum number of events you're expected to attend, so you should never feel guilty or pressured to participate!  Additionally, small groups (e.g., Social Circles, Playgroups) are organized by the members, so you can create get-togethers according to your own schedule.  

4) How are you governed? We have a volunteer board comprised of club members who meet monthly to plan activities and events, brainstorm ways to become more involved in the community and attract new members, and discuss the direction of the club.  Additionally, we have a volunteer pool of members who provide manpower, when needed. If you are interested in becoming involved, please don't hesitate to email we always have opportunities available!

5) Do I need to be on Facebook to join? Our communication is conducted via email through membership software called Wild Apricot.  Our Facebook and Instagram pages are available for promotion of events, businesses, and activities.  We also encourage members to ask one another questions or share recommendations via social media; however, it is not the primary communication method!

6) Do I need to have kids to join? No! We have many members who are single, pre-kids, without kids, have older kids, or are empty nesters.  It is our goal to offer diverse social opportunities for all family structures! 

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